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The Parsec Awards has been growing steadily in submissions and prestige through its first decade of being the only juried award dedicated solely to speculative fiction podcasting.

Would it surprise you to find out that for the first decade the Parsec Awards only had a committee of 6 volunteers? This was expanded to 8 in 2016, but we’re ready to increase that number by YOU!

Where do we need help?

  • Semi-finalist judging for 2017
  • Parsec Awards Ceremony
    • Streaming assistance
    • Presenters
    • Entertainment
    • Media support (graphics, video, etc..)
  • Steering committee members

I bet you’re wondering “How much of my precious Netflix, reading, podcast listening time will this take?!!!

At least it isn’t going to cut into the time you need for new Game of Thrones content! Ha!

Even if you only have enough time to judge a single category, you’ve made a positive contribution to workload and integrity of the awards.

If you have some time and believe that the Parsecs have an important place in the podcasting landscape, go ahead and send us an email!  See if you have what it takes to be on the team!

Thank you for your time,
Parsec Awards Steering Committee

Laura Burns
Taylor Fisher
Gary Lindros
Natalie Metzger
Susie Murph
Bruce Press
Kreg Steppe
Chuck Tomasi

 Posted by on September 8, 2017
  • Big question before 2018

    Hey can you let us all know the results of THIS year’s awards before anything else? No one can find anything on twitter. did you even run it in 2017? ta.

    • parsecs

      The 2017 awards have not been awarded. We are still in judging before an on Ine awards ceremony later in the year. Follow us on Facebook or our website for up to date information.


      • Where did the nominee list go?

        • Bruce F Press Photo

          Working in it. Thanks for the reminder!