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The Parsec Awards has been growing steadily in submissions and prestige through its first decade of being the only juried award dedicated solely to speculative fiction podcasting.

Would it surprise you to find out that for the first decade the Parsec Awards only had a committee of 6 volunteers? This was expanded to 8 in 2016, but we’re ready to increase that number by YOU!

Where do we need help?

  • Semi-finalist judging for 2017
  • Parsec Awards Ceremony
    • Streaming assistance
    • Presenters
    • Entertainment
    • Media support (graphics, video, etc..)
  • Steering committee members

I bet you’re wondering “How much of my precious Netflix, reading, podcast listening time will this take?!!!

At least it isn’t going to cut into the time you need for new Game of Thrones content! Ha!

Even if you only have enough time to judge a single category, you’ve made a positive contribution to workload and integrity of the awards.

If you have some time and believe that the Parsecs have an important place in the podcasting landscape, go ahead and send us an email!  See if you have what it takes to be on the team!

Thank you for your time,
Parsec Awards Steering Committee

Laura Burns
Taylor Fisher
Gary Lindros
Natalie Metzger
Susie Murph
Bruce Press
Kreg Steppe
Chuck Tomasi

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Jun 022017

Thanks to everyone who nominated podcasts this year – we’ve had over 400 entries! Now, you may check here to see if your favorite show has been nominated, or to see if they’ve accepted their nomination and sent us information. We’ve got those listed as semi-finalists! And some wonderful podcasters have submitted samples already. If your show hasn’t, they have until June 15 to send us their judging sample. Instructions are found here for each category.

Good luck to all of our nominees!

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Apr 302017

We are happy to announce that nominations are now open for the 2017 Parsec Awards for Excellence in Speculative Fiction Podcasting. If you have a favorite podcast or web series that feel deserves recognition by the oldest juried podcast award for science fiction and fantasy, now is your chance!

Whether you are a fan or content provider, enter your nomination here.

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Mar 292017

We’re hard at work preparing for this year’s 2017 Parsec Awards. We’ve added a new page with dates for this year’s deadlines. The most important date now – Nominations will open in April – we’ll announce as soon as we’re ready! Keep an eye out on our site for the nomination link, and good luck to everyone this year!


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Feb 032017

From the Parsec Awards Committee:

Parsec Awards community,

The Parsec Awards Committee is considering moving the awards ceremony, that has been held annually for the last decade at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, to a virtual-only ceremony. We are asking you, the community of podcasters, recipients and supporters to weigh-in on this proposal.

This is not something we take lightly. Over the years the awards ceremony has been an opportunity for us to share laughs, music, triumph and tragedy as a community. You, who have supported us and each other, are the reason the awards exist and we would be remiss if we didn’t attempt to serve you in the best way possible.

We feel that a virtual awards ceremony may help us do that.

By dissociating the awards with Dragon*Con, we feel that more of our community will be able to participate. No longer will travel to Atlanta be a prerequisite for presenters, entertainers or recipients. Many of those who attended Dragon*Con even found their schedules did not allow their attendance at the awards. We also feel that we can have a better chance of securing judges’ time when we are not smack in the middle of Con season as we can now have some flexibility in scheduling the awards.

At the time the awards were created, the technology to support this change was either prohibitively expensive or non-existent. Now it is commonplace.

Thank you for your consideration and your vote:

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Sep 042016
2016 Parsec Winner Badge

The Awards Committee and Advisors of the Parsec Awards for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 awards for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting.  These awards were presented at DragonCon on September 4th, at the annual Parsec Awards Ceremony.  This year the ceremony was hosted by Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe of the Technorama Podcast,  featuring presenters from literature, media, music and science.  The Parsecs are a juried award with open nominations and two rounds of judging by volunteers in and around the speculative fiction and podcasting communities.



2016 Parsec Awards Winners


Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast

Improvised Star Trek -“The Voyages of the USS Sisyphus”
by Christopher Rathjen and the USS Sisyphus Cast & Crew (Improvised)


Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation

The Journeyman Writer by Alastair Stephens


Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific)

Verity Podcast  by Deborah Stanish, Erika Ensign, Katrina Griffiths, L.M. Myles, Lynne M. Thomas, Tansy Rayner Roberts


Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast

The Uncanny Magazine Podcast  by Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas,

Erika Ensign,  & Steven Schapansky

Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (General)

The Incomparable  by Jason Snell


Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast

Universe Today’s Guide to Space  hosted by Fraser Cain


Best Speculative Fiction Video Story

The Ultimate Nerd-ament  by Grant Baciocco & Russ Walko


Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team

Uncanny County  by Todd Faulkner & Alison Crane


Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)
Uncanny County  by Todd Faulkner & Alison Crane

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Long Form)
Reading Out Loud -“Property Damage Claim #1-1403986” by Ryan P. Duke


Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Long Form)

After the Plague by Mike Bennett


Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)

Tales to Terrify -“Graves” by Justin Cawthorne


Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Short Form)

The Voice of Free Planet X  -“Oddfellows Local” by Jared Axelrod

Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form)

The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project -“Balance of Darkness” by David A. Mackenzie

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Jun 012016

Please check the Nominee page to see if your podcast has been nominated! If you didn’t receive an email with further instructions, please contact us at – we may have incorrect contact information for your podcast!

Congratulations Nominees – now you have until Midnight EDT on June 15 to get your sample submissions to us for semifinalist judging! Please see the Eligibility Criteria page and scroll to the bottom to see the sample specifications for your category!

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Sep 012015

Parsec Awards 2015 Poster


This coming weekend is the 10th annual Parsec Awards Ceremony. For those attending DragonCon 2015, come watch the show live at the convention!

When: Sunday Sept. 6th @ 5:30PM

Where: DragonCon 2015, Hyatt Regency V

For those that cannot attend the live show, don’t worry, you can still catch the live show via streaming.

There will also be a real-time IRC chat room available on the tune-in pages.

The excellent Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont are the hosts this year and the ever delightful The Doubleclicks are the musical guests. Please check out all and buy all their stuff!


Tom Merritt

Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont

Photo by Cahoots Photography

The Doubleclicks


Big congratulations and good luck to all the finalists this year! The full list of finalists can be found here.

Please spread the word about the ceremony! The fans of the podcasting community is what makes these awards possible. Thank you for your support!

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Feb 072013

It appears that a Patent Troll, Personal Audio, is targeting podcasters (and potentially listeners). The Electronic Freedom Foundation wants to help the podcasting community organize and combat this attack on new media. If you are a podcaster, whether you have been contacted or not, it is worth reading and bookmarking this article.

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