Apr 162014
Tom and Justin feat

The Parsec Awards Committee is proud to announce the hosts for this year’s gala awards ceremony at Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend, Aug 29 – Sep 1, 2014.

After two years of stellar entertainment with Veronica Belmont (Co-Host of Sword and Laser, Fact or Fictional, Vaginal Fantasy Book Club, …) and Scott Sigler (New York Times Bestselling Author of Infected and the Galactic Football League series) at the helm of the awards program, the awards committee is excited to name Tom Merritt and Justin Robert Young as the hosts for this year’s ceremony.

Tom Merritt is the Co-Host and Co-Producer of Sword and Laser with a resume in tech media as long as your arm.

Justin Robert Young is a comedian and writer as well as Co-Host of the NSFWShow, with Brian Brushwood, and a former editor of The Daily Orange.

The Parsec Awards for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting is one of the most prestigious awards in podcasting. Founded in 2006 by Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga & Tracy Hickman, it is a juried award with an open nomination process. This will be the 9th year the Parsecs have been given out at a gala ceremony at DragonCon.

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