General Information


The Parsecs are a juried award for podcasts centered around speculative fiction. This covers a rather broad area from works of fiction, through fan commentary/analysis, all the way to the science behind our favorite flights of fancy.

For information on the history and people behind the Parsecs, please see our About page.


The Parsecs have an open nomination policy. Anyone can nominate the podcast of their choice. Yes, the writers, hosts, or producers may nominate their own podcast. In order for a nomination to be valid and proceed to the request for submission phase, they must be eligible in the awards year.

Nomination FAQ

Podcasts that do not meet the eligibility criteria will be disqualified. It is not our policy to notify every podcast that is disqualified as we have limited resources to process nominations. Nominees will be posted to website.

Parsec Eligiblity Criteria

Sample Submissions

Nominated podcasts that meet the eligibility criteria will be asked to submit a sample of their podcast. Again, we are a small group of volunteers and it would be prohibitive for us and our finalist judges to track down your best segment of your podcast, so we ask you to show us what you’ve got by submitting a sample. We are very clear about the requirements for sample submission and the deadline for submission, failure to follow the guidelines will result in disqualification. Not only does this allow us to have a very efficient system for judging, but it provides a level playing field for nominees. Again, we do not have the resources to notify submitters of disqualifications, please work with us by keeping your submission within the time limit.

Required Sample Durations

Once a sample has been received and verified, it will be denoted on the nominees page on the website.

Semi-finalist Judging

Nominees with accepted samples will go through a first round of judging. Each podcast will be evaluated by 3-5 judges on audio/video quality, how well the content fits within the category and the presentation. It is through this judging process that nominees become “finalists” and it is this group of submissions that move on to the next round of judging. Finalists are invited to show their accomplishment by displaying the Parsec Awards Finalist Badge on their website.

Finalist Judging

Finalist judging is performed by a panel of experts. We gather our judges from the world of speculative fiction, science and media. We have had bestselling authors, scientists, actors, voice artists, producers, and more…

Judges (A selection of prior year judges)

The judges are anonymous and are not asked to judge any podcast they have association with. This is why the Parsec Awards is unique.


When you have one a Parsec Award, you have something to brag about. In as unbiased and thorough a way as we can manage, you have been judged worthy. A Parsec Awards Winner Badge means your podcast has demonstrated excellence in both content and presentation.

Winners are announced at the Parsec Awards ceremony. Which has been held for a decade at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. In 2017 we will be having a virtual streaming ceremony later in the year.

Winners from previous years

Thank you for your interest The Parsec Awards Steering Committee