Nomination FAQ


What is the nomination period?

  • Nominations must be submitted by June 1 in the nomination year (e.g. by June 1 in 2017 for the 2017 Parsec Awards).

How many podcasts can I nominate?

  • As many as you wish, but only podcasts meeting the eligibility requirements will be considered for the award.

What if I have trouble submitting a nomination via the form?

How do I nominate a podcast for a specific category?

  • You can specify if you think it should compete as a story or non-story podcast, or for the New Podcaster/Team¬†award, but it’s up to the nominated podcast to determine which specific category in which they want to compete.

Can a podcast compete in more than one category?

  • Podcasts can compete in only one category, unless also nominated for the New Podcaster/Team category.

How do I nominate a specific short story from an anthology?

  • To nominate a single story from a feed that offers one or more stories per episode, or if short story is serialized in another podcast (e.g. Drabblecast, Tales from the Archives, etc.), nominate the podcast feed, and then specify the “Story Title” and “Story Author” fields in the nomination form
  • For short story collections, use the public feed featured on Podiobook page and then fill out the “Story Title” and “Story Author” fields in the nomination form

How do I make corrections to improperly categorized nominations?

  • Email current podcast and category information, and proper categories for nomination to

If I have site difficulties, problems or questions?